Make Your Voice Heard Via ESTA Survey


The Entertainment Services and Technology Association (ESTA) needs your help in a study to determine how well the manufacturers and suppliers in the industry are meeting your needs. Specifically, the suppliers of the products and equipment you work with every day need a better understanding of how you do your work and make your decisions.

That's why ESTA invites you to participate in these studies. As you can imagine, your input is critical to ensure the validity of the study. Your identity will be kept strictly confidential; neither your name nor your e-mail will be kept on any list or sold to a third party.

The study on evaluating and specifying equipment and systems deals with lighting fixtures, effects equipment, dimmer packs, control consoles, motors, truss, projectors and such complete systems as lighting, audio, rigging or AV equipment composed of multiple component parts. To take the survey on equipment and systems, just click here.

The study on evaluating and specifying expendables/consumables deals with lamps, filters, scene paint, gobos, stage hardware, connectors, tape, media, batteries, etc. To take the survey on expendables/consumables, just click here.

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