Major Points of the Relief Bill as of August 12, 2020

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There continues to be slow progress in Washington.

Unofficial talks and political posturing is going on.

There are 435 House members that are all up for reelection, as well as 35 Senators, and none of them wish to break for August without a deal in place.

Thus, most of those people really want to get a deal in place to assist in their own reelections.

While the House is not in session, they can pass the bill remotely.

The Senate is technically in session through Friday, but are on a 24 hour call notice to appear and vote until Friday.

Below is a chart of what the major points are to achieve a relief bill.

As you can see, states' money and liability are what is impeding progress.

It has been suggested that the points they agree on should be passed to assist the country, but that has not been accepted by all.

It is still very possible that there will be resolution by end of day Friday. Do not count anything out yet.

We still do not have a clear picture on whether or not the future funding for small business will be as written in HEALS (S.4321) or as written in RESTART.

There is still strong bipartisan support that something will be done.

There is also very strong and growing bipartisan support for RESTART.

Perhaps the biggest issue that would cause the legislators to agree to a bill is that schools begin next week, and absent any funding, that is a difficult task.

Thus, the already agreed to school funding just might cause the two sides to reach an agreement.

This week, we have had various people meet with staff from Senator Young, Senator Bennet, Senator Feinstein, Senator Gillibrand and Congressman Kelly.

The Drive By event in LA from Live Events Coalition happened today, and there are 2 more planed this week.

Our friends in the UK, Ireland and Europe have been busy as well.

Here is a link to a 10 second video of the #wemakevenentshappen Red Alert Night, which was Tuesday night in London.

In a related fashion, the UK held a social distanced event successfully, and you can read about it and see photos of exactly what they did.

The focus of all this is that our voices are being heard and live events are slowing beginning the climb out.

We are a resilient group of people with wonderful companies in an amazing industry.

It is more important now than ever that we all keep a positive attitude and move forward day by day.

Remember that old expression, If you think you can, or if your think you can’t, you’re right.

Each of us must start every day with a positive, can do attitude, and we will get through this together.

We will be stronger and better on the other side.

Thank you to each and every one of you for your grace, your strength and your determination under pressure.

Continue to communicate with your legislators and make them aware of the urgency that the Live Event Industry must have the next round of financial aid and that it cannot wait until September.


Thank you,


Michael T. Strickland

Chair and Founder

Bandit Lites

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