The Lumen Brothers Interview Bobby Harrell

In this episode of Light Talk, the Lumen Brothers interview designer, programmer, educator, and longtime friend, Bobby Harrell. Join lighting designers and educators Steve Woods (SMU), David Jacques (California State University Long Beach), guest co-host Brackley Frayer, and Harrell as they pontificate about: Cafeteria Food in Las Vegas; Jackie Mason Madness; Fun with Hemp Houses; The Niagara Falls project; Keys to being a Good Programmer; Capital "P" vs. Little "p" programmers; "Give Me a Minute!"; Understanding the psychology and emotions of what goes on at the production table; How stage managers can affect the way you program a show; The career path to being a professional programmer; Learning multiple consoles; Teaching how the lighting console thinks; Bringing a new console to the market; The "Holy Grail Console"; The future of drones in the industry; and How young designers should be trained at universities.

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