Lumen Brothers Chat With Adam Honoré

(Light Talk)

In this episode of Light Talk, the Lumen Brothers interview lighting designer Adam Honoré.

Join Steve Woods (SMU), Stan Kaye (University of Florida), David Jacques (California State University Long Beach), and Peacock, Ellen Lampert-Greaux (creative and conference director for Live Design and LDI), and Honoré, as they pontificate about: New Orleans roots; Escaping Katrina; Little Shop of Horrors; Cafetorium lighting; Miss Cox goes to New York City; Dusty Thompson; Being successful without an MFA; A young boy's nightclub dreams; Carmen Jones; Finding the right agent; Working with incandescent and LED rigs; How to deal with LED color mixing; Clean electrics; Roundabout mentorship program; Looking at old fixtures now; Source Four Flowers; Post-Pandemic predictions; Quarter-life retirement; BIPOC designer challenges; Naming babies for success; From Carmen Jones to Light Talk; Identifying as a Creole designer; Explaining the 1st and 2nd Lines of Creole weddings; Celebrations of Love; New Orleans music; and Inspiring young BIPOC designers in an industry that is still struggling with equality.

Listen here:


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