Lumen Brothers and the Synergetic Power of Group Creation

In this episode of Light Talk, the Lumen Brothers talk about everything from from lighting designer fashion to respecting the synergetic power of group creation. Join lighting designers and educators Steve Woods (SMU), Stan Kaye (University of Florida), and David Jacques (California State University Long Beach) as they pontificate about: Stan visiting the cannabis capital of Texas; LDI swag; the "Time Tunnel";  what to bring and wear to a job interview; dating again; appropriate watches; "What about blue?"; Spectral Power; remembering the ETC Source Four Revolution; strategies for handling crisis in student production teams; developing a collaborative disposition; getting on the tracks again; maintaining objectivity about your own work; and the best rock n' roll colors. 

Join the Lumen Brothers for a live taping and toss out questions and topics at LDI2019 on Saturday, November 23 from 4:30-5:30pm.

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