LSD Fourth Phase Wins Fifth Live! Award

Yvonne Donnelly was thrilled and delighted when LSD Fourth Phase won the Award for Best Lighting Production Company at the recent Live! Awards dinner. "It's always a pleasure to receive the approbation of your peers," she said, "but it wasn't until I stepped up to the podium to receive it on behalf of everyone that I realized what it represents." This is the company's fifth Live! Award since the Awards began.

Alan Thompson of Fourth Phase London underlined the importance of the Award. "The significance of a Live! Award being the direct result of a reader poll must never be underestimated by any winner. For me, that is a big endorsement of our company and the way we work; particularly for our technical crews out there, on the road, in the theatres, and at the corporate events. They are the company's public face."

LSD managing director Dave Keighley stated, "Winning this award again means so much to everyone in the company; it's good to know our commitment and hard work is appreciated by so many. I would obviously like to thank all our staff, crew, and everyone who has supported us through the past year."

In other news, on April 25 Fourth Phase London opened its doors for the company's first product demonstration evening. Over 100 people from across the lighting industry--theatre to themed entertainment, as well as event organisers--attended the spring barbecue, hosted to showcase the extensive stock held at the new warehouse in south London.

When guests weren't tucking into burgers and beer, attracting attention were demonstrations by Fourth Phase staff of moving lights, followspots, control desks, WYSIWYG and CAD, plus Pani large-format projectors. Alan Thomson, managing director of Fourth Phase, thought the evening was a success: "An ideal opportunity to show people that we have a vast range of rental equipment and allow them the opportunity to try it out for themselves."

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