Live! Technologies, Inc. Steps It Up With Multi-Display Software


Live! Technologies, Inc. has upped the ante in innovative visual solutions. Multi-display options are no longer a pipe dream, logistical headache, or costly challenge for Live! Technologies’ customers. Theatrical set designs step into the next generation of technology, from set flats to display monitors and customized projection surfaces.

It’s flexible, dynamic and virtually limitless in nature. Live! Technologies’ newly acquired Dataton Watchout Display Software has the ability to deliver high-resolution video, graphics, and CD quality audio across any number of displays seamlessly.

First launched in December 1999, Watchout has transformed the live event world in Europe and continues to make an impact in the United States. Fashion shows, large tradeshows, product launches, and awards galas are just some of the popular applications for this leading edge product.

Watchout utilizes a simple Ethernet connection between personal computer systems and the desired display or displays, whether LED wall, projector, plasma or LCD monitor. Any number of displays or projectors is permissible, and any configuration of those displays is possible. Further, mixing and matching those variable displays, scaling and sizing add to the flexibility of your final display composition.

Exploiting a similar environment based on layers, timelines, and drag-and-drop technique as other video editing and graphic composition programs such as Final Cut and After Effects, Watchout employs a central production computer for programming and editing. Programming capabilities include layering, transparency, edge blending, scaling, splitting, and distributing of media files, as well as audio playback and cross-fading between multiple tracks. Image magnification can also be integrated into the mix for a fully comprehensive multi-media experience of any size or shape.

Event producers are now heroes, presenting a preprogrammed system for IMAG, lower-thirds, video playback, logo wipes, graphic animations, and “eye candy” over multiple display surfaces that are integrated into the script and stage set so that your event is one progressive composition. As desired visual elements are added, subtracted, and composed for maximum effect, all displays are climactically married into one and your atmosphere is transformed by one magical, grandiose image illuminating your audiences’ faces.

Vice president of the rental and production department at Live! Technologies, Shawn D. Loevenguth is excited for the opportunity to challenge the creative limits among the production team at Live! Technologies, saying, “I am looking forward to stretching ourselves beyond what we thought was capable, even with the multi-display technology we currently have. I’m always up for raising the bar creatively and technologically, both with our clients and our associates. We hope to use Watchout in ways that have not been thought of before, and we will definitely take video production and set design to the next level,” he states.

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