Live Design Award Winner: UVLD

Walmart Shareholders Meeting 2016
Walmart Shareholders Meeting 2016, lit by UVLD(Lucy A. Kennedy)

The third annual Live Design Awards honor a stellar group of theatre, opera, and concert designers as well as a leading architectural lighting design firm and a non-profit association. This year’s winners include: Es Devlin for brave new worlds in scenic design for concerts and theatre; the design team for Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet Of 1812 (Bradley King, lighting; Mimi Lien, sets; Nicholas Pope, sound; Paloma Young, costumes) for creating a truly exhilarating theatrical experience; Jonathan Deans for being a sound designer extraordinaire and winner of the second annual Abe Jacob Award for Sound Design; Tal Yarden for pushing the boundaries with cutting-edge projection and video design; Sooner Routhier and Robert Long for masterful teamwork for concert design and production; UVLD for continued excellence in corporate lighting design; and the Event Safety Alliance for selfless work in keeping our industry safe.

The 2017 Live Design Awards will be presented along with the Products of the Year and the tenth annual Excellence in Live Design Awards during a ceremony, sponsored by GLP and Meyer Sound, on June 12 in New York.


Domopalooza 2016 in Las Vegas, lit by UVLD

UVLD is an entire team of over-achievers. They represent a creative collective (kind of like The Borg, only nicer and way more productive) that excels at both lighting and projection/media design, particularly in the world corporate design. Auto shows, corporate meetings, themed environments, events, even television are just some of the many universes UVLD inhabits with style. “Dramatic Design. Without the Drama.” is the firm’s slogan, and while we’re sure they’ve had some clients cause a gray hair or two, we agree they’re pretty cool and collective—ahem—collected.

While this is a team award, we feel we would be remiss if we didn’t actually name all the designers, since each and every one contributed in some way to receipt of this award: founding partners Gregory Cohen and John Ingram, plus their team of Andy Henry, lighting designer; Jeff Nellis, lighting designer; Gregory Norgeot, lighting designer; Matthew Piercy, lighting designer; David Rees, lighting designer; Branden Roth, media; Paul Sharwell, lighting designer, Matt Webb, designer; and Cameron Yeary, visual media developer.

UVLD’s award will be presented by designer Chris Drury of Drury Design and is sponsored by Elation Professional.

It is always a pleasure working with Greg and the UVLD team. From initial design concept to onsite execution, UVLD are a trusted partner and collaborator throughout the entire process. Pitch to performance, we know we can rely on UVLD’s years of experience with a healthy dose of laughs along the way.

—Patrick Bonner, Vice President Of Design, Atomic

I’ve been working with the team at UVLD since we were actually young, not just young at heart; even through stressful events in horrible weather, they've been great to work with, and their work has always been outstanding. I can't imagine better partners on the projects we do together; they are great people, and they keep us smiling. Greg always brings witty humor that keeps us grounded, and his headset chatter is second to none. He and the UVLD team bring confidence and professionalism into the collaborative process in a way that few are capable of, reassuring all members of the team that if nothing else the lighting department will be in good shape.

—Tom Bussey, CEO Of Production Glue

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