Lightning Strikes Becomes Luminys Systems


Lightning Strikes, Inc. announced that it has changed its name to Luminys Systems Corp.

“Our company is in the midst of a rebirth, with the introduction of new products both for our traditional entertainment markets and for applications such as high-speed industrial testing,” says David Pringle, Lightning Strikes’ founder and chief technology officer. “What began as a highly-specialized company focused on lightning effects for the entertainment industry has grown to encompass much more, while holding true to our tradition for unparalleled lighting quality and innovation. The name ‘Luminys’ captures this broader mission and spirit of innovation,” he explains.

The company’s patented Lightning Strikes® intermittent products generate up to 500,000 watts of light and have been used in thousands of feature films, television series, commercials, and live events worldwide. Its SoftSun® continuous lights produce up to 100,000 watts of high-quality light that is dimmable to 3% of maximum output with virtually no shift in color temperature, the only high-intensity lights to offer such performance. The company will continue to utilize the Lightning Strikes and SoftSun brands for those product lines, and their development will continue to be a major focus in the future.

The company is also launching a line of proprietary products geared toward high-speed testing applications, including its MiniHiG™ light for onboard automotive testing and 15KW and 30KW LabLight series for laboratory environments. These products utilize the same core proprietary technology as Lightning Strikes® and Softsun® lines and offer similar performance advantages, including unprecedented intensity, control, and quality of light.

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