LIGHTBOX Lights Set Models At WSD2005

For the World Stage Design 2005, an international exhibition of set, lighting, costume, and sound design, which opened on Saturday, March 12, in Toronto, Canada, over 1,000 designs by 532 designers from 43 nations were submitted. Those selected for the WSD2005 Gallery Exhibit include 82 set designs, 55 costume designs, 40 lighting designs, and a sound design gallery.

The WSD Gallery Exhibit features 42 scaled (1:25 and 1:50) models representing a wide variety of outstanding work by the international set design community, in addition to costume forms, framed renderings, digital video catalog, and environmental soundscapes.

Lighting designers Jim Hunter and Robert Emmonds from the University of South Carolina used the LIGHTBOX LED/Fiber-optic lighting system to light each model. The system enabled each model to truly represent its selected original production and lit the presentations beautifully. "Everyone seemed to agree that there was no reason models should ever be presented with clip lights again," says Charles Kirby of LIGHTBOX, who sponsored the model display rental kits.

LIGHTBOX is a fiber optic, half-inch scale 3D modeling system that can mimic all of a venue’s attributes to include its full lighting inventory–everything from beam angle to digital control. "It gives us all a new language for light, showing ideas in true space and in their true light," adds Kirby. "Now you can, with a scaled modelbox [that is] architecturally accurate to the space at hand and physically exact in all of its characteristics, see the light in a whole new scale."

Held in conjunction with the annual OSITAT world congress and the USITT conference, WSD2005 runs through March 19 in the Canadian Room at the Royal York Hotel.

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