Lift Turn Move Offers Technical Newsletter


Lifting and rigging specialists Lift-Turn-Move (LTM) have launched a new regular technical E-newsletter.

It’s intended to become an educational and debate stimulating tool for those wanting to learn about the issues and opinions of the day, fuelling further discourse and discussion, as well as highlighting some of the products and services that LTM has to offer.

LTM’s John Jones says, “We’re encountering a huge diversity of ideas and knowledge. Not all of it is correct or set in stone, so we want to open various debates and also encourage people to understand what we’re doing and why we are doing it. The newsletter is aimed at generally raising people’s awareness of things like safety issues, not just those relating to LTM equipment."

He cites the double braking issue on motors as a currently topical discussion point, stating that they want to widen the forum for dialog to as many people and sections of the industry as possible on this and other relevant points. He adds at they have already received plenty of interest in the newsletter and the points raised.

On the product front, the first LTM newsletter included information on their new range of motor controllers, featuring both direct control and low voltage control for Lodestars and other professional hoists.

It also highlighted the fact that the standard compact CM Prostar 415 3-phase quarter-ton motor can be converted to Direct Control with a power cable only. They’ve already received several orders for this option.

LTM is now also offering black-chained Lodestars for blending discreetly into subtle environments like theatres and conference arenas. Staying on the color theme, LTM is also welcoming enquiries for white Prostars, ideal for marquees, corporate environments and special stage sets. The white Lodestar was initially developed for use in the US medical industry.

Another new Lodestar accessory available from LTM is embroidered chain bags, which can be either a logo or name. Apart from looking really cool, this helps identify which bags belong to which hoists for shows using multi-sourced motors, and ultimately lessens the risk – and extreme annoyance - of bags being lost or stolen. “Coming from Birkenhead, security is always high on the agenda!” says Jones concisely.

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