Let's Talk Money: Music Industry Salaries

Let's Talk Money: Music Industry Salaries

ACDC on the Main Stage at Coachella 2015. Lighting by Jamie Jensen. Photo by Frazer Harrison, Getty Images.

Last month, there was a lot of buzz around the article Where Are All The Women In Our Biz?, which presented the results of which gender got hired to design lighting, sound, scenery, and costumes in LORT theatres. This month, Live Design takes a look at an article from Tone Deaf, which shows salaries of various positions in the U.S. music industry, from performance to touring to media. Check out some of the statistics below, and visit Tone Deaf for the full list. 

Club-Level Touring

  • Lighting director: $500-$1K a week
  • Roadie: $700-$1K a week

Theatre/Arena-Level Touring

  • Tour manager: $2.5K-$10K/week
  • Set designer: $25K-$50K
  • Stage manager: $500-$5K/week
  • Production manager: $1.5K-$8K/week
  • Lighting director: $3K-5.5K/week
  • Spotlight operator: $200/gig
  • Backline crew chief: $2K-$3K/week
  • Sound engineer: $1.8K-$3K/week
  • Video/animation: $1K/minute of footage
  • Camera operator: $1.5K/week
  • Head rigger: $2.5K-$5K/week
  • Head carpenter: $1K-$5K/week
  • Pyro/inflatables: $1K-$2.5K/week
  • Choreographer: $2.5K-$20K
  • Wardrobe/stylist: $200/day
  • Hair/makeup: $200/day 

Music Video

  • Director: $1K-$400K
  • Lighting: $200-400/day
  • Sound: $100-$600/day
  • Choreographer: $100-$300/day

While we don't often openly talk about pay rates in the industry, we're curious what you think. Are these accurate stats? Comment below, and share your thoughts. Visit Tone Deaf for the full list of statistics.

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