LEGO Stores Run With Art-Net and Medialon


LEGO has recently opened three new retail stores in Cologne, Milton Keynes, and Moscow. These stores all make extensive use of effect lighting to add atmosphere and excitement to the specialized display areas in the stores. Designed and maintained in house by LEGO AudioVisuals, the architectural and effect lighting in all stores is controlled by a Medialon show control system all running on an Artistic Licence Art-Net Backbone.

The objective of the new LEGO stores is to bring excitement to users. Leif Andresen, AV project manager says, “We think it is important that there should be something to stimulate the interest of both children and adults. For example, the lighting will change color throughout the day. The large video screens will constantly show new images, and as soon as a new LEGO product is announced, it will be marketed in a special way in our brand stores.”

Ethernet is used as the backbone for transmitting the lighting data from a central controller at Lego headquarters in Denmark to the stores. Andresen selected Art-Net for the systems critical backbone. Having considered several options Art-Net was selected not only for its compatibility with Medialon, but also for its ease of use, affordability, and because it is supported by several other manufactures of lighting products.

Andresen concludes, “Not only was the Artistic Licence product a pleasure to work with but the company bent over backwards to write a custom piece of software to make our jobs easier.” By using Art-Net to transmit new lighting looks as changes to store displays are made, assures shoppers of an exciting, changing environment.

For further information on Artistic Licence, you can reach them via email at [email protected] or visit its web site

For further information on the Medialon show control system, please visit its website at:

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