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LDI2018 Call For Sessions Open

Industry experts are asked to submit session ideas for LDI2018.

Do you want to share your professional experience and knowledge with your peers? Do you have a topic of importance to the industry? A great desire to impart information or teach? Now is your opportunity to submit a session proposal for LDI2018, which takes place the week of October 15-21, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV.

If you are a designer, programmer, technician, rigger, electrician, technical director, or other industry expert, and have an idea for a solo session, a hands-on course, or a panel discussion at LDI2018, please fill out the online session proposal form. The final deadline is February 15, 2018 for all course suggestions for the LDInstitute and March 1, 2018 for sessions or panel ideas in the LDInnovation Conference.


Submit a session proposal here.

Sessions will be considered in the following areas:

1) LDInstitute: These courses are primarily hands-on or in-depth training in such areas as software, consoles, media servers, motor school, or intensive classes in rigging, electrics, technical direction, production management, etc. Classes can run from a half-day to two days depending on the subject matter.

2) LDInnovation Conference: Solo sessions or panel discussions in such areas as lighting design, projection design, audio, Ethernet, programming, technical direction, rental and staging, architainment, corporate design, field service, etc. These sessions are generally 90 minutes long.

Please note:

  • All speakers on each session must be fully confirmed before you submit the session idea; they must be attending LDI2018;
  • Please make sure the written information correctly describes the session content in depth;
  • Please indicate if the session is on a beginner, intermediate, or expert level;
  • All speakers receive an LDI2018 conference badge as compensation ($695 value);
  • First time speakers at LDI may be asked to provide two professional references that attest to their teaching ability and depth of knowledge;
  • We are especially open to sessions led by an ETCP recognized trainer so that certified riggers and electricians can attend LDI to obtain renewal credits.

Since 1988, LDI has been the leading tradeshow and conference for live design professionals, with close to 15,000 attendees working in theatre, concerts, clubs, theme parks, and houses of worship and a wide range of international live and broadcast venues. Attendees from more than 80 countries come to LDI to see the latest gear in action, refresh their knowledge, and replenish their creativity. Over 350 companies exhibit, providing live demos and the opportunity for face-to-face discussions about the cutting edge gear they debut exclusively to LDI attendees. LDI is committed to providing the best education and networking for professionals who use entertainment technology. Find out more by visiting www.ldishow.com.

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