LDI2017 Award Winners Announced

The LDI2017 Awards for Best Booth Design and Best Debuting Products Of The Year were presented in an awards ceremony at 6:00 pm on Saturday, November 18 on the AG Productions' megastructure stage at LDI: Live Outside at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

This year, LDI surpassed 16,000 in registration, a new record for the show. Thank you to all of you who descended upon Las Vegas this weekend. LDI hopes to see you next year, October 15-21, 2018 at LVCC for the 30th anniversary of LDI. The very first LDI was held in Dallas Texas in 1988, and there will be a yearlong celebration of that first event, culminating at next year’s LDI.

The fourth annual Paky Award, sponsored by A.C.T Lighting and presented to someone who has made an impact in the lighting technology industry, was postponed this year. In light of the sudden, untimely passing of Barbizon’s president Jonathan Resnick two months ago, Ben Saltzman of A.C.T Lighting decided to forgo the Paky Award this year and honor our friend and colleague Jonathan. Barbizon’s Tobin Neis shared a few words about our well-loved friend.

Booth Awards

Best Small Booth


MediaFront’s moving sculpture was recognized for a clever winch system in action with additional demos of creative video tiles. Hong Gue Park accepted the award.

Most Creative Use of Light

Ayrton’s cool product presentation that physically re-engages the audience to show their products in a unique setting, designed by Cory FitzGerald, won for creative use of light. Michael Althaus accepted the award.

Best Product Presentation



GLP’s presentation of in-depth explanations of their product line with real-world creative applications, designed by Matt Shimamoto, caught the eyes of our judges for best product display. Mark Ravenhill of GLP and Shimamoto accepted the award.

Best Large Booth

Blizzard Lighting and ModTruss

Blizzard Lighting and ModTruss wowed the judges once again, putting us right inside the classic Q-Bert video game! Patrick Santini and Steven Welton of ModTruss and Frank Luppino and Will Komassa of Blizzard Lighting accepted the award.

Product Awards

Best Debuting Product: Sound

The award went to Clear-Com LQ-R Series Interfaces that provide connectivity solutions over IP networks to interconnect a variety of communications systems. Michael Rucker accepted the award.

Best Debuting Product: Widget

Honorable Mention went to Rosco for the Pica Cube & Opti-sculpt filters, representing beam shaping today and the future.

The winner was Interactive Technologies Cue-Server 2-Mini, the Swiss army knife of cue playback. Rob Johnston accepted the award.

Best Debuting Product: Special Effects

Honorable Mention went to Froggy’s Frog’s Venus Bubble Fogger for smoky bubbles!

The winner was Rosco for the X-Effects LED: Finally, an effects projector that can be mounted next to actual water. Mark Engel, Jack Burwick, and Amé Strong accepted the award.

Best Debuting Product: Staging And Rigging

Honorable Mentions went to Stretch Shapes for their CNC Panel Walls, a truly flexible and creative fabric scenic solution.

The winner was Rose Brand’s Nebula Net, the best version of the floating projection idea we’ve seen yet – fantastic! Josh Alemany accepted the award.

Best Debuting Product: Projection

An Honorable Mention went to Green Hippo’s Montane+ for its entry into the marketplace designed to optimize real time rendering for Notch.

The judges would also like to acknowledge as an Honorable Mention PRG’s MBox Player for providing a much-needed simple playback platform for delivering traditional 16:9 assets to screen.  

The Best Debuting Projection Product Award went to the disguise gx2 for a premium hardware platform designed for Notch, with top-tier professional & gen-lockable graphics cards that provide power for any live application. Ash Nehru accepted the award.

Best Debuting Product: Lighting

Honorable Mention went to Luxium Lighting for Ziba, a compact, battery-powered, easy-to-use wireless LED perfect for small events, high schools, galleries, and storefronts.

Another Honorable Mention went to Martin by Harman’s Encore family of automated fixtures for developing a line of low-noise, full-featured, high-output fixtures in a small package.

And there are two equal winners in the lighting category:

Elation Professional for The Artiste Dali: An innovative multiple source LED fixture incorporating remote laser phosphor technology to deliver a moving light with high CRI and a much appreciated field with a more traditional hot spot. Eric Loader accepted the award.

ETC’s ColorSource CYC: The single cell CYC fixture we’ve all been waiting for! David Cahalane accepted the award.

Following the Awards Ceremony, ER Productions presented a stunning laser show, achieving the Guinness World Record for World’s Largest Laser Display!