LDI Goes Green

LDI hosted its third annual Green Day Think Tank on October 27 & 28, 2011, featuring a series of discussions on the various challenges and options for making the entertainment industry more sustainable. Produced in conjunction with Bob Usdin and Annie Jacobs of Showman Fabricators with support by the Broadway Green Alliance, this year’s Green Day event at LDI was also sponsored by Barbizon Lighting Company.

"As a part of Barbizon's New Light Initiative, we are proud to sponsor and participate in LDI Green Day,” says Barbizon's president Jonathan Resnick. “Barbizon’s commitment to sustainable practices encompasses our own operational efforts as well as encouraging sustainability in our industry through research and education. Barbizon's business model has always been about providing our customers with access to products and information from which they can make choices."

Steve Cullipher, Barbizon Florida systems manager, LEED AP, participated in the Green(er) Lighting Techniques session and noted: "Sustainability in any form is most successful as a choice. Our New Light Initiative has been created to ensure that people have the factual information needed to make good choices in sustainability."

To help increase awareness about the greening of the industry, Ian Garrett, director of The Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts has posted the content from the LDI Green Day sessions in an interactive archive at www.sustainablepractice.org/ldi/

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