LDI Exhibitors: Nominate Your Products for the 2002 ESTA Dealers' Choice Product Awards



and ESTA announce the 6th annual ESTA Dealers’ Choice Awards for new products, which debut at LDI2002. All LDI Exhibitors (exhibitors need not be ESTA members in order to participate) are invited to nominate products they manufacture or exclusively distribute. Only ESTA Dealer Members are eligible to vote. The ESTA Dealers’ Choice Awards will be presented at LDI2002 in Las Vegas as part of the LDI2002 Awards ceremony.

The ESTA Dealers’ Choice Awards have been established in recognition of the fact that dealers have an enormous impact on the success of a new product, as well as a unique perspective on its merits. The ESTA Dealers’ Choice Awards will be presented in the following three categories:

Expendable: product, which costs less then $150 (retail value) and is designed to be replaced frequently, and also includes lamps in all price ranges.

Widget: product, which costs under $150 (retail value) and is not designed to be replaced frequently.

Equipment: product, which costs $150 or more (retail value).

How to Nominate a Product Exhibitors decide which product or products will be candidates for the awards. There is a maximum of one entry per exhibitor in each of the three product categories. For a product to be eligible, it must have come on the market after last year’s LDI show and must be available for shipment at the time of this LDI2002.

To enter your product(s) simply complete the following nomination form on the ESTA web site at: www.esta.org/DealersChoiceNomForm.pdfand return it to the ESTA office. Although nominations are not due in the ESTA office until September 1st, those companies submitting forms prior to August 1st will have their product(s) listed in the October issue of the ESTA journal Protocol.

Please do not ask your dealers to nominate your product. Only one nomination is accepted and this must come directly from the manufacturer or exclusive distributor.

Easel cards designating products, as a candidate will be brought to your booth just before the LDI2002 show opens. Simply display the nominated product with the easel card for dealers to review as they visit your booth. It is very important that all booth personnel be aware of which product has been nominated.

ESTA and LDI are pleased to offer exhibitors an additional opportunity for industry recognition of new products. For additional information contact ESTA at 212-244-1505.

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