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Laura Frank, Featured Speaker At Entrenamiento LDI At sound:check Xpo!

Award-winning visual technologist Laura Frank of Luminous FX will be a featured speaker at Entrenamiento LDI: México at sound:check Xpo! in Mexico City, on April 23, in a special series of LDI-branded sessions on lighting and video.

The leading woman in her field, Frank will examine her process as a screens producer, and her genius at planning playback operations for scenic video. She will share her insights into different approaches to screen operations, looking at various methods of planning and executing screens production for content, playback, and output.

The principal at Luminous FX, Frank has over 20 years of professional experience as an entertainment technologist. Working across a diverse group of production environments, Frank enjoys demystifying the technological hurdles to creative visions. This includes merging the toolsets of video, lighting, audio, and scenic automation into one unified visual experience. Her work includes Broadway shows like Matilda and Spamalot, concert experiences from David Bowie to Miley Cyrus to Savion Glover, and televised events from Olympic Opening Ceremonies to the Latin Grammy Awards. Frank has been working with 3D as a multi-screen video planning tool since 2011 and WebGL since 2013.

Check out Frank’s Live Design webcast as she discusses and illustrates her technical wizardry including: Her role on a production, from TV to concerts to corporate events; screens workflow; how to prepare visual design for any media server; and examples from specific projects.

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