LDI's 30th Anniversary

Knights of Illumination Past

The prestigious Knight of Illumination (KOI) Awards for lighting and video design were founded in the UK in 2007. Live Design presents some of the outstanding designers who have been so honorably knighted in past years.

The inaugural KOI-USA Awards will be held on Saturday, October 20, 2018 during LDI2018 in Las Vegas. Nominations are now open in three categories: Theatre/Dance/Opera; Concert Touring & Events; and Live For Broadcast., with Claypaky as the main sponsor of the event. Closing date for nominations is July 31, 2018. Nominate a lighting or video design now!

Lighting designer Durham Marenghi, co-founder and committee member of KOI, says, "KOI is all about celebrating and elevating the art of entertainment lighting and video design, and KOI-USA will help us do just that for an even wider section of our industry. Jennie and I often hear from designers who are proud to have a KOI broadsword on their wall (or, in one instance, stuck Excalibur-like into a coffee table) and designers who are keen to get one which is a strong indication that these awards really count for something and are truly coveted. As with the UK competition, the three judging panels for each genre operate completely independently from lighting industry KOI sponsors, which will ensure that we see some wholly deserving winners in October."

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