JBL Vertec Line Extended with New Line Arrays and Subwoofer Aimed at Corporate A/V Markets


JBL Professional has chosen the PLASA (Professional Lighting & Sound Association) Tradeshow and the 113th AES (Audio Engineering Society) Convention for the European and North American launches of three new VERTEC system models for medium and small sound reinforcement applications.

The VT4881, VT4887 and VT4888 Line Array System Elements are designed with premium audio fidelity, high output power, lightweight system packaging and ease of use in mind. The systems are designed for deployment in theaters, houses of worship, and performing arts centers, providing audio professionals with a broad, flexible range of sound reinforcement solutions. The VERTEC line also includes the VT4880 subwoofer, introduced in early 2002 and the now-standard VT4889 full size line array element, introduced in 2000.

"In the last two years, VERTEC has gained worldwide acceptance as the premier live sound reinforcement line array system," stated JBL Professional President Michael MacDonald. "Performers are enjoying its high fidelity sound and our system operators appreciate the high power, light weight, and ease of rigging. With these new VERTEC systems, JBL's Vertical Technology can now be applied to many other venues, events and installations."

Fully compatible with the VT4889 large format line array element, the new system products are fitted with JBL's advanced NDDTM Neodymium Differential Drive® loudspeaker technologies. The composite engineered-panel enclosures are finished in JBL's rugged DuraFlex™ coating. Each new system product includes integral suspension hardware and is designed to complement other models in the VERTEC line, both mechanically and acoustically. Pre-configured to accept JBL's upcoming Drive-Pack™ amplification technology, each new system product has standardized mechanical and electrical fittings to receive future, optional self-powered electronics packages. Transport dollies, rugged soft covers, and a comprehensive selection of suspension hardware fittings are available.

"The successful VT4889 gave us a benchmark in the development of these new loudspeakers. Professional system users around the world provided us with their input, which was invaluable in the development process," explained David Scheirman, Director, Tour Sound for JBL Professional. "We are already seeing tremendous demand for these smaller, lightweight line array system elements. The successful early exposure to key rental firms and system designers is resulting in rapid market acceptance."

The VT4887 compact line array element is a dual 8", bi-amplified three-way design weighing only 28 kg (62 lb) including all necessary rigging hardware fittings. Sized 787 x 279 x 406 mm (31 x 11 x 16 in), the VT4887 achieves a frequency range of 60 Hz to 22 kHz from a 1000 Watt LF section and 225 Watt MF/HF section. Horizontal dispersion is 100§. VT4887 arrays are suitable for corporate A/V presentations, conference and ballroom venues, and a wide range of performance-audio applications.

The VT4888 midsize line array element is a dual 12", three-way design offering full-range performance in a road-ready package weighing only 49 kg (108 lb) including integral suspension hardware.

Measuring 991 x 356 x 508 (39 x 14 x 20 in), the VT4888 has a frequency range of 48 Hz to 18 kHz, realized with a 2000 Watt LF section, 600 Watt MF section and 150 Watt HF section. VT4888 arrays are suitable for a broad range of sound reinforcement applications in moderately-sized auditoriums, theaters, concert clubs, convention centers and public entertainment spaces.

The VT4881 compact, very low frequency module is a dual-coil 15" arrayable subwoofer with a frequency range from 18 Hz to 160 Hz and a 1000 Watt power rating. Weighing 55 kg (120 lb), including integral suspension hardware, it is small in scale at only 787 x 559 x 686 mm (31 x 22 x 27 in). This unit can be directly coupled to VT4887 and other VERTEC arrays in hanging or ground-based applications.

Headquartered in Northridge, California, JBL Professional is the world's leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of professional loudspeakers for recording and broadcast, musician, cinema, touring sound, commercial sound and contracting applications. JBL Professional is part of the Harman International network of professional and consumer audio companies. For complete product and company information, go to the JBL Pro website at www.jblpro.com.

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