Holo-Walls Announces New Holographic Floor System


The Holo-Walls Company, producers of holographic films for entertainment, design, and architecture, are in production on their newest product, Holo-Floors, a holographic floor that comes to life when illuminated with any conventional light source.

Incorporating the company’s dimensional holographic film, the floor is packaged into sturdy, rugged panels that can be either one-half or one inch thick. The floor is made from plastic with an all-metal frame and can be integrated into any new or existing floor. Each panel joins together for unique flooring projects like use in nightclubs, retail stores, exhibits, theme parks, and entertainment centers. "The added bonus to the Holo-Floor–there is nothing to plug-in or program as any overhead lighting source brings it to life," says Kevin McCarthy, president and founder of Holo-Walls, LLC.

The dynamics of the Holo-Floor include an underside built with water resistant Extira MDF panel, Holo-Sheen film laminated to the underside of Lexan MR10 Abrasion Resistant water clear acrylic sheet that won't crack, chip, or discolor. The engineered framing system features an edge-locked aluminum U-shaped flush-mounted frame with a silicone seal and friction grooved 4"-wide aluminum retainer locks that keep the finished floor panels in place on properly prepared concrete, wood, or tile surfaces. Installation for a 20 sq. ft. floor takes less than one day and the system comes with a one-year warranty on defects and workmanship.

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