High End Systems Lights From Coast to Coast


A mock TV game show in New York City and a series of recording artists’ benefits in Los Angeles were lit with High End Systems equipment.

A VH1 pilot series, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, is flying high a rig of 6 x.Spot™, 7 Technobeam® and 8 Studio Beam™ automated luminaires, run by a Wholehog® II console.

LD Chuck Noble of New York City Lites specified the equipment, which was provided by Pegasus Productions.

Programmer Steven Garner describes the show as "a fake game show with celebrity guests (Coolio, Sebastian Bach, more) competing as they trash music videos. The moving lights double up during bumpers, they 'flash and trash' with the smashing rock and roll, then convert to great backlight and scenic projection."

The x.Spots are "especially useful," Garner says. "They are backlighting a cyc from about 15 feet away and are right up against the back wall, so the zoom is a tremendous help. The Studio Beam strobe is really great for the bumpers; they create instant mosh pit feel."

A series of fund-raising concerts in Los Angeles was staged February 26 by the Recording Artists Coalition to raise awareness of artists' rights. High End Systems automated lighting was there, highlighting the music and the famous faces.

The concerts were held in four different venues, all on that Tuesday night. LSD/Fourth Phase of Newbury Park, Calif., provided the gear for the Forum show, under the guidance of Robert Roth from its Atlanta office.

"It was an all High End Systems rig and the show was executed flawlessly," says Roth. More than 120 HES products were specified by the event's overall LD Nick Sholem, including Studio Color® 575 and Studio Spot® 575 automated luminaires, run on two Wholehog® II consoles.

Don Henley and The Eagles headlined the $175 per ticket event, with Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty, John Fogerty, and Billy Joel (for which LD Steve Cohen added his input) filling the bill.

The RAC is trying to draw awareness to unfair artist contracts according to California labor laws, which currently make it difficult for the artists to compete in the open marketplace.

For further information, check out the High End Systems' web site at www.highend.com

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