Green Technology Today Showcase At LDI2009

This year at LDI2009, a unique opportunity exists for all exhibitors. LDI— the country’s foremost industry trade conference and Showman Fabricators —NYC’s largest and most diverse scenic fabrication shop—are teaming together to provide an opportunity for LDI participants to learn about the strides that have been made to Green our industry. This year attendees will have the opportunity to see what the entertainment industry is doing in three ways:
• A day of panels presented by experts in the industry and focused specifically on Green Topics at LDI’s Green Day Conference.
• Two Green awards—Green Product of the Year and Green Event/Show of the Year—which will be presented at the LDI awards ceremony; and
Green Technology Today Showcase —Presented by LDI and Showman Fabricators as a featured booth in the exhibit hall.

The Green Technology Today Showcase is a first of its kind event, and we would like to invite you to participate. It is a pavilion where Green products will be displayed and where sustainability is not only mentioned, but featured. Green products manufactured by your company can be shown at a low cost, giving your company’s profile a significant boost and setting it apart from the rest.

By participating in the showcase, you will receive the following benefits:
• This Green Technology Today Showcase will distinguish your product as a Green Product. Not only is the Showcase another opportunity to display your product, but also give you a chance to highlight the Green properties of your product.
• More importantly, your participation will set your company apart as a company that is forward thinking and environmentally responsible.
• Participants in the Green Technology Today Showcase will be eligible for the Best Green Product of the Year Award. This award will be presented at the LDI Awards ceremony, and the winner will be featured in LDI’s magazine and on their website. Only participants in the Showcase will be considered.
• Since this is a first-of-its-kind event, we expect great press coverage of both the Green Technology Today Showcase and the Green Day Conference. Displaying your product will introduce how it is Green not only to all those on the floor of LDI but to all those in our industry.
• All participants in the pavilion will receive two tickets to the Green Conference. This will be an opportunity to learn the essentials of Sustainability and to participate in brainstorming sessions that may determine how our industry can become Greener.
• The Green Day Conference will give an additional opportunity for Showcase participants to talk about the Green Properties of their products at a session specifically designed for Green Entertainment Products.
• The Green Technology Today Showcase will be presenting the products displayed in the Showcase at the New Technology Breakfast—allowing one more opportunity to show off your product.

So here’s how it works:
• Step one is the fill out the registration form below. We will need information for your company as well as specifics of the product, including Size, Weight, and a photo. Please provide this by September 10.
• Step two is to compile the placard information, including all graphics and wording, which will be placed at the pedestal for your product. The information needed can be found on the form below. This will be needed by October 1.
• A minimal cost of $650 will be required to display in the Showcase. This will be used to offset costs of the booth. If your product exceeds our standard pedestal capacity -18”x18” base and maximum 24” tall – we will work to accommodate you but the cost may vary. If your product does exceed our standard, please contact us prior to August 20th to determine how we will display your product as well as the fee associated. All fees will be due with the September 10 paperwork.
• If you have a product that is not possible to display there will be other opportunities to use signage or a video presentation that will be running in the booth. Please contact us directly if you feel one of these would better suit your product. Registration for these will still need to be completed by September 10 and graphic files or video files submitted by October 1.
• All products displayed will need to be dropped off at booth #1363 on Thursday, November 19 by 12:00 noon. All products will need to be picked up on Sunday, November 22 immediately following the close of the show.

To register for the pavilion, fill out the information below (cut and paste into an email or word document) and email to [email protected]
Direct any questions to Bob Usdin at 718.935.9899 or [email protected]


Company Name
Company Address

Company Contact Person
Contact Email Address
Contact Phone Number

Product Information
Product Name
Description of Product

Product Dimension
Product Weight
Description of Green Properties

Placard Information – total size 2” x 3”
Product Name – may include graphic
Product Description or Purpose
Company Name – may include graphic
See Us at Booth ___________________
What Make This Product Green

The Green Technology Today Showcase
Is presented by:


Showman Fabricators

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