GLP Appoints Mark Ravenhill And KaiChang Lu

German Light Products(GLP) has recruited Mark Ravenhill to develop closer relationships with global key players within the entertainment lighting industry, and experienced optical specialist KaiChang Lu has joined the GLP research and development team. Lu will be working closely with the head of the research and development department, Markus Salm, and project managers Oliver Klee and Marc Rapp.

Ravenhill comments, “From their base in moving head fixtures, GLP have really stepped out of the shadows with the Impression range, showing that the ability to meet customer demands with innovation and passion is alive and kicking in our industry. I am really looking forward to being a part of this tight-knit team with these values at their core.”

The Impression product range is sold through Elation Professional in the US and in the UK through A.C. Entertainment Technologies and TMB. Therefore Ravenhill will work closely together with these sales channels to secure that the “total quality” reaches the customer.

Business director Kasper Gissel states, “GLP had a record revenue year in 2007 and almost doubled business in 2008, so I believe that enlisting Mark Ravenhill is a very obvious step forward in order to make sure that we continue to do profitable business in the years to come. We can only achieve that if we listen to customers and exceed their expectations. Ravenhill will be a great help in that sense.”

Ravenhill adds, "GLP's LED product range allows me to continue promoting efficient lighting systems without compromising artistic integrity, which is something I am very committed to doing. The Impression XL, for example, will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of larger stadium size shows without cutting any corners on output, beam control, or color palette."

In addition to a PhD in Applied Optics, KaiChang Lu has a comprehensive background in optical design, and between 1996-2007 worked as director for research and development and design at British Optical (International Optics).

“I have worked in the Entertainment Lighting industry for more than 20 years and optimized the optics for different manufacturers such as Martin Professional’s profile spots, from MAC 500 up to MAC III, and before that, High End Systems. I am confident that I can contribute to securing the future growth of GLP in the professional lighting business,” says Lu.

Gissel, notes, “We strive to develop and manufacture top quality luminaires and know that optics are key elements in the lighting fixtures. I am delighted that KaiChang has decided to join our R&D team, which today consists of more than 10 highly dedicated and skilled engineers.”

“One of the things I noticed at GLP was the passion and the positive attitude of the employees—all of them eager to learn new things to give them the capability of developing even better luminaires. I am thrilled to be a part of the GLP team at such an important period in the company’s development,” adds Lu.

Lu will remain as a technical consultant in digital projectors and security cameras in Meiloon, Taiwan, where he will spend half of his time while dedicating the other half to GLP research and development. “This is a very cost-efficient way for us to get the required optical skills of KaiChang,” says GLP founder Udo Künzler, adding: “He will work exclusively for us in the field of luminaire optics, so we are the fortunate ones!”

The first masterpiece from the extended GLP R&D department will be the impression Meisterstück which will be shown at ProLight+Sound in April 2009. The Meisterstück is a silent 650W LED (RGBW) moving head wash light for TV and theatre, with one unique color mixed beam, to avoid any color shades, and with variable zoom from seven to 28 degrees.

“This is the first time we have developed a luminaire in response to such a strict set of requirements from lighting designers,” says Markus Salm. “We are really proud of our Meisterstück—and in keeping with the Impression’s unique design template, we have managed to make it baseless.”

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