Gerriets Goes Worldwide

Gerriets International reports a growing number of Carbon Fiber Roller Screen systems installations over the last months.

Last summer Gerriets provided 8 Tube systems for a show in Las Vegas. The systems wind and unwind at speeds of up to 6.5 feet per second. The Tube systems are DMX compatible and provide state-of-the-art safety features.

For a company event in Baltimore, Maryland Gerriets provided 7 large Carbon Fiber Roller screen systems in cooperation with All Staging Unlimited. Each screen (35 feet byt 20 feett) moved up and down independently, revealing an array of lights and performers. “We linked all seven of the controllers together via DMX interface and a laptop to allow single button control of all Tubes”, explains Mark Gentry from All Staging Unlimited.

In January, Gerriets installed 2 Tube systems at a popular night club in Cancun, Mexico. The screens are an integral part of the club’s new live music show. Two more projects were realized this spring: In Atlanta, Georgia, Gerriets provided a new church with a 40-foot wide Megascreen system. In Louisville, Kentucky, Gerriets equipped a church with two 52-foot wide Megascreen systems. The screens were part of the stage design for the Southeast Easter Pageant, a Broadway-style show that attracts up to 75,000 visitors each year. The next upcoming Roller Screen project will be an installation in New York City.

Gerriets Megascreens are also in Asia—this Spring, Gerriets provided the main curtain, track system, and two 59-foot by x 65-foot) Megascreens for the Grand National Theatre in Beijing.

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