GearSource Launch Global Marketplace Aimed at Transforming Industry


July 13th, 2020: GearSource Holdings, LLC, Wellington FL - operator of the popular and successful web platform since 2002, today announced the launch of its new G3 Marketplace. G3 sheds lighting on the company’s 3rd major generational upgrade to its platform, which was founded by Marcel Fairbairn in 2002. “It’s funny, but people have become so complacent in their beliefs that all software should magically perform with perfection, while following advancements in technology you’d see from tech giants including Google, Facebook and Apple. In fact, I remember a customer saying to me, why can’t your search just work - like Google. The obvious answer is that we don’t employ thousands of world class engineers to work exclusively on our search functionality. In fact, we have 3 great coders, developing and maintaining our entire e-commerce platform!” says Fairbairn.

The G3 Marketplace is the industry’s first, dedicated, true marketplace. Others, including have operated “almost like” a marketplace, but without the many benefits including lower fees, streamlined listings process, total listings control for sellers, a vast, global marketplace, multi-currency payments system and much more. In fact, G3 was a multi-year development, brought to life by a team headed by the individual most responsible for a wildly popular musical instruments marketplace, Reverb, and also widely known as a leading expert on Marketplace technology and platforms.

Fairbairn understands the challenges of bringing a complex project to life during such uncertain times for the live events and production industry. “COVID has dealt a massive blow to our entire industry, resulting in people losing their jobs while the companies they work for are on the brink of total failure”. In fact, a leading industry trade publication reported that 70% of the industry has lost over 80% of its cashflow, while 65% of businesses have been forced to layoff their employees.

G3 will launch in August, so the company has collaborated with hundreds of its valued sellers in mapping out their migration. “We began work on this platform over 2 years ago, but I knew the moment this pandemic took hold, our industry, and the global market for pro gear would forever change. We needed to push hard to complete the marketplace and make a difference when it’s really needed.”

Companies who have been unable to transition their businesses online will now have a set of tools to accomplish that, and while it looks easy, the truth is that creating and managing your own e-commerce platform is incredibly difficult and often, quite costly as well. “ eliminates both the cost and complexity, while providing a global marketplace for businesses of any size, and in any region to market and sell into!” says Fairbairn.

For more information or to register as a seller on, visit or email Fairbairn directly at  [email protected]

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