frame:work announces its first community gathering June 12 & 13


frame:work is a new community building initiative for the many varied professionals who deliver creative video content to screen. Our members work in theater, film & tv as well as rock tours, conferences, installations, and virtual online events. Video has been used in live entertainment design for decades, yet we are still defining our roles to our production partners and clients. Our teams are often tasked with complex, poorly defined demands that are underfunded and understaffed. At frame:work, we believe the way to improve our standard of work is through good communication with each other. The more we learn about our own process, the more awareness we can create in the community in which we work.

This initiative is starting in a tumultuous time during a pandemic, social unrest and an uncertain future for our industry. We have been out of work for months and are unclear when the jobs we have invested great technological resources and expertise will return. Meanwhile, we are capable of providing the tools and knowledge necessary to reinvent storytelling and entertainment production online. Many of our peers are already working incredibly hard to realize this potential. Now more than ever, building the community to carve this path forward together seems essential, and frame:work is committed to
supporting this cause.

That is why frame:work is a volunteer effort, and is founded on community supporting principles. We have published a Diversity Initiative, Code of Conduct and a People Powered statement on our website. We have started our conference pricing at $3 and free for students. We can’t fix what is wrong, but we can empower the community to find solutions.


Conference schedule and registration:

Further community statements:

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