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LDI 2016

The Experiential: Time To Experience

What if, in one place, you could have access to the top people and products in experiential production?  What if you could exponentially increase the value of your network with access to some of the top producers, creative directors, production designers, and thought leaders in the application of the biggest productions worldwide?  We’re talking Olympic Games… We’re talking Detroit Auto Show… We’re talking artificial intelligence… We’re talking major agency creative insight… What if, in one room, you could hear the distillation of the most effective knowledge on creative and technology available to drive your results, and your bottom line to places you may not have ever hoped for?  What if I told you, you have an opportunity to “10X” your business, your skills, and your connections in a move that could vault you to the top of the industry?

I am telling you all of this.

Right here, right now.

LDI has always been the pre-eminent gathering of production practitioners and technologies.  But it is growing into so much more. A true summit of creative minds, business expertise, movers, shakers, and players coming together to share knowledge, build networks, and have exclusive access to the latest and greatest tools and tech. And where else for a meeting like this, than Vegas, the very definition of experience.

Now going to LDI is great. Seeing the gear, and the crowd, feeling the excitement… There is value in that, and fun. But to really go behind the curtain, to really get access to the top players, you need to level up.

That’s why, working with LDI, I have decided to convene for one day only, some of the very best and most influential players in immersive experiential to share their creative ideas, their business secrets, and their predictions for future trends and technologies. 

On November 16, over the course of one day, you will meet the creative and production visionaries from the world’s foremost design practices, agencies, and producing organizations. Superstars like Butch Allen, Production Designer of most major concert touring and broadcast music events you have ever heard of; Jeremy Railton, creator of massive installations for Olympics, World’s Fairs, broadcast, and brands; James Klein, Senior Vice President of Production for global experiential agency juggernaut George P Johnson; Chuck Bajnai, Chief Creative Officer of experiential disruptor EWI; Wyn Bielaska, renowned and award-winning architect of mind-blowing buildings and experiences worldwide… Been thinking of using drones in production?  VR/AR? The people doing that right now are going to be in the room. Will you be?

This is just a sample… There’s more reveals to come. Improve your practice. Add to your network. Come and EXPERIENCE!

Bob Bonniol is a director and production designer known for his implementation of extensive media and interactive features in his productions. Currently he is the creative director for the massive renovation of The Core at General Motors' World Headquarters in Detroit. The installation features the largest permanent interactively driven LED screen array on earth. In 2016, he was production designer for the Star Wars Celebration segment of ABC’s Disneyland 60th Anniversary Special, working closely with Lucasfilm, Disney Music Group, and director Amy Tinkham.   

Other clients have included Marvel Studios, The Walt Disney Company, Live Nation, AEG, Feld Entertainment, Chrysler Corporation, Activision/Blizzard, America's Got Talent, X-FactorAmerican Idol, Blue Man Group, Microsoft, Nokia as well as countless recording artists, Broadway producers, opera companies, theme parks, cruise lines, dance companies, and architects.

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