Examining Race in Theatrical Design with LD Kathy Perkins

(in 1: the podcast)

in 1: the podcast presents a brand new mini-series entitled Changing the Landscape: Examining Race in Theatrical Design. Guest-hosted by lighting designer Alan Edwards, this multi-part series will ask the questions: Where are the theatrical designers of color in history? Why has the roster appeared to grow only recently? What are the challenges of going from grade school to professional? And is there anything that can be done?

In this first episode, ‘It’s Not That We Don’t Exist’, Alan sits down with in 1: the podcast host and lighting designer Cory Pattak to discuss the impetus of the mini-series and then talks with lighting designer Kathy Perkins, who discusses her path from Mobile, Alabama to the world of professional design; why she decided to document and write about Black theatre-makers; how she thinks schools can do better at recruiting and seeking out young Black students; and whether she believes there is a shortage of Black designers or just a perception problem.

She is a great and knowledgeable voice to kick off the series. Over the coming weeks, Alan will speak with educators and designers such as Toni-Leslie James, Steve Jones, Luqman Brown, and more. 

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