Matt Halberstadt 3rd from left with members of the BTS Foundation Board of Di Matt Halberstadt (3rd from left), with members of the BTS Foundation Board of Directors Eddie Raymond, Lori Rubinstein, Rick Rudolph (Chair), Tobin Neis, and Mark Heiser

ETC Helps Make A Difference To Fellow Professionals In Need

At the recent LDI show, Matt Halberstadt, R&D Technical Product Manager, of ETC, presented a check for $30,339.13 to Behind the Scenes, which reflected ongoing proceeds from sales of ETC’s iRFR and aRFR (Radio Focus Remote) applications for iOS and Android devices. ETC software engineers Chris Mizerak and Anders Ekvall simply could not have known when they developed the app that it would bring so much assistance to our colleagues in need.

Upon presenting the check, Halberstadt said, “It's been amazing to see how our community has supported one another through this program. With the simple act of purchasing an app, our customers have come together to raise an incredible amount of money to help our fellow professionals get through hard times. As an employee owner of ETC, I'm proud of this program and what BTS has accomplished with the proceeds.”

Rick Rudolph, Chair of the Behind the Scenes Foundation, responded, “This is the largest check yet that ETC has presented to BTS since the launch of the app in May of 2009. We were completely amazed when we saw how much it was for. This single app has raised almost $300,000 for the charity. It’s impossible to overstate the impact this has had on our ability to offer a lifeline to industry professionals who are seriously ill or injured.”

Behind the Scenes provides entertainment technology industry members who are ill or injured with grants that may be used for basic living and medical expenses. For more information about Behind the Scenes, to donate, or to apply for a grant, visit For information about becoming a Pledge-a-Product Partner email

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