ETC, Cunningham, And Esakoff File Patent Infringement Against Lightronics


Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) announced today that it has filed a patent infringement suit against Lightronics Inc. seeking unspecified damages in US District Court. After a number of attempts by ETC to resolve this matter without resorting to litigation, the action was filed with co-plaintiffs David Cunningham and Gregory Esakoff. Cunningham and Esakoff are the inventors and owners of the Source Four® ellipsoidal spotlight design, which they have exclusively licensed to ETC. The suit alleges that Lightronics knowingly and willfully infringed and continues to infringe certain US Patents covering the ETC Source Four® ellipsoidal reflector spotlight.

ETC CEO Fred Foster comments: “The Source Four® ellipsoidal is a groundbreaking invention that has had a profound effect on the lighting industry over the last 16 years. ETC places a very high value on the intellectual property surrounding the Source Four® product, and we will vigorously defend it against illegal patent infringement.”

David Cunningham adds: “Patent protection in the lighting industry provides a key incentive for new product development and innovation. Patent infringement has the effect of removing this incentive and would eventually have a negative effect on new product innovation.” Foster continues: “ETC has a long history of significant and continuous investment in the development of the Source Four® product line. Patent protection is a key enabling factor in this development program.”

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