ESTA Needs (and Values) Your Online Input


ESTA (the Entertainment Services and Technology Association)

announces the continuation of its industry-wide feasibility study on personnel certification with the launch of a second online survey to run November 21 through December 13

Personnel certification is the voluntary demonstration and recognition of knowledge, skills, and abilities in a given field. Many people in the entertainment technology industry have asked ESTA to begin work in this area because of ESTA’s success in bringing the industry together to develop technical standards. ESTA launched a three-part feasibility study in September with its first online survey targeted to a small but crucial sampling of individuals in all areas of entertainment technology, from seasoned veterans to college students to employers and educators. Over 1,000 responses were received, which provided ESTA with invaluable information to use in Phases Two and Three of the study. Phase Two consisted of two focus groups conducted in Las Vegas just prior to LDI 2002 led by Mike Hamm, one of the leading experts in the field of certification.

Now ESTA needs you! Please join them in Phase Three of the study by giving them your opinions on the need for and value of a certification program for industry technicians. A press release from the ESTA office reads, " It is vitally important we hear from everyone in the industry who could be affected by a certification program and from everyone who might wish to be involved in its development. ESTA expresses its appreciation to those who took part in the first survey and we encourage you to continue your input by participating in this next survey."

The press release continues, "Developing a high quality, industry-supported certification program is a major undertaking for ESTA, requiring a significant commitment of volunteer time and association resources. Please take a few moments to complete the online survey by going to Your input is essential to help us meet the needs of the industry."

For more information, please contact ESTA at [email protected]

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