ESTA Announces New Project On Luminaire Inspections


At its meeting on January 20, the Electrical Power Working Group, part of ESTA's Technical Standards Program, approved the start of a project to write a standard to offer guidance on the inspection of stage and studio luminaires. The new project, BSR E1.32-200x, Recommended Practice for the Inspection of Entertainment Industry Luminaires, is designed to help electricians conduct regular inspections of lighting instruments.

In working on the BSR E1.19 GFCI project, it has become clear to the working group that one of the causes of ground-fault circuit interrupters tripping on stages, in studios, and on location shoots is faulty lighting equipment. Regular inspection would allow faults to be identified and corrected so they aren't risks to personnel or causes of production delays.

ESTA is inviting any interested parties (owners, renters, users, inspecters, or repairers of stage and studio luminaires) to participate in the project by joining the Electrical Power Working Group or by participating in future public reviews of the draft document.

Information about joining this working group and others is available here.

Those objecting to the project are invited to state the objection in writing to [email protected]. Objections should be filed before the end of the day on March 12, 2006.

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