Entertainment Technology Announces Bak Pak Dimmer Technology


Entertainment Technology recently announced another breakthrough in dimming technology. The new Bak PakTM IGBT dimming module is the perfect complementary device for conventional fixtures that require more advanced control. The Bak Pak is an individual dimmer that mounts wherever a need exists for a “single” dimmer, thus eliminating the need for additional rack space. Entertainment Technology introduced the Bak Pak at LDI, the lighting industry’s biggest event of the year.

The Bak Pak is a compact and lightweight dimmer that easily attaches to conventional lighting fixtures, providing powerful and silent IGBT dimming capability instantly. The module, available in 750-watt or 1200-watt versions, operates using standard USITT DMX512 protocol. It is also completely functional using only 120- or 240-volt standard power supply for applications where DMX power is not available.

“This is one of the coolest products to hit the lighting industry in quite a while,” said Entertainment Technology product manager Heinz Roy. “The response we’ve seen is that Bak Pak is one of those ‘why didn’t I think of that’ type products. Ninety percent of the people with existing rack dimming systems want more circuits. Bak Pak is a clever, convenient way to add circuit capacity without the expenses of new load conduits and dimmer racks.”

A sample of applications where the Bak Pak is a “no-brainer” solution:

*In high school auditoriums with only 12 existing circuits in the front of house, for example. Bak Pak can easily triple the FOH circuit count at a fraction of the cost.

*Houses of worship that want to add theatrical lighting but have no dimmer room and a tight budget. The Bak Pak allows them to hang fixtures on the walls and get power from the closest breaker panel.

*The lobby or atrium or even the center court of the local mall where someone wants to hang ellipsoidals, but no provisions for theatrical lighting exists. The Bak Pak is an easy way to provide dimming where it isn’t convenient to locate conventional dimmers.

*Museums, galleries, black box theaters, theme parks, cruise ships and other spaces where the lighting needs will change frequently. The Bak Pak provides designers the flexibility to move their fixtures frequently.

“The Bak Pak is like the Post-It Note for the lighting industry,” Roy said. “There are so many uses for it, you can stick it anywhere. Can you imagine an office without Post-It Notes? It will be the same way with the Bak Pak. Once lighting designers begin to discover its many uses, they’ll wonder how they ever did their jobs without it.”

The Bak Pak weighs less than two pounds and mounts directly to existing lights, structures or simply on the wall. No special brackets or construction is required. Because the units are lightweight and compact in size, they fit virtually anywhere. And the IPS “focus” button on each dimmer saves set-up time and labor.

“No doubt some installations such as retail outlets, museums or galleries will be specified 100 percent Bak Pak,” Roy said. “For larger and more complex jobs, the Bak Pak can be integrated with Entertainment Technology’s Intelligent RacewayTM distributed dimming and Capio rack dimming systems to provide a complete integrated system package.”

The Bak Pak utilizes Entertainment Technology’s patented IGBT dimming technology, which provides significant performance enhancements over conventional dimming equipment. The Bak Pak dimmers are completely solid state, which enables them to operate silently. And since IGBT technology does not use filters or chokes, the Bak Pak is more efficient, with less wasted energy and heat than conventional dimmers.

Every Bak Pak dimmer has an on-board, intelligent processor which adjusts and maintains proper voltage and current. The microprocessor automatically suppresses surges, protects against dead shorts and extends lamp life.

“The idea behind the Bak Pak belongs to Ned Lustig, a founding member of the American Society of Theatre Consultants,” Roy said. “The working members of the ASTC often drive new technologies. We listen to their ideas and respond with the enabling tools they need.”

About Entertainment Technology:

Entertainment Technology is the preeminent manufacturer of IGBT-based dimming and lighting control products. The company’s products are used in entertainment, hospitality, houses of worship, education, convention service and residential applications. Dallas-based Entertainment Technology is a division of Genlyte Thomas Group, LLC. For more information on the company or its products, visit the web site at www.etdimming.com.

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