Employee Steals £200K Worth Of Equipment From HSL

Employee Steals £200K Worth Of Equipment From HSL

HSL is a UK-based company that provides equipment for productions such as Sweet Charity. Photo by Mike Kwasniak, courtesy of the New Wolsey Theatre.

Twenty-year-old Sean David Frearson has pleaded guilty to stealing £200,000 worth of lighting and audio equipment from his employer HSL Holding Group, Ltd, according to Lancashire Telegraph.

Frearson had been selling and renting equipment on eBay in a shadow business of UK-based HSL, which provides design, equipment, crew, and technical services in the professional lighting and audio industry. HSL also recently invested over £2 million in additional lighting inventory for the busy summer season.

“When they scanned [Frearson's] work email account, they found accounts and invoices, and an asset list for his company, which he called White Bear Live," prosecutor Ensor Geldard told Lancashire Telegraph. "On the asset list was stock stolen from HSL.” 

One of the items Frearson had sold for £800 was actually valued at £11,500. Angela Rossi, Frearson's lawyer, told Lancashire Telegraph that "she understood £190,000 worth of stock had been returned to HSL." Some of the equipment had been found in his own unit.

He has been committed on bail and waits for his sentence on December 21.

For the full article, visit Lancashire Telegraph.

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