Dramatic Improvement: New Stage Boxes from Wenger Corp.


A new line of modular rehearsal furniture from Wenger Corp. promises increased flexibility, durability and labor savings, compared to hand-built wooden alternatives.

Constructed of molded polyethylene for lightweight strength, Wenger’s new Stage Boxes will not splinter or crack like wood. They also feature a patented connector system that quickly secures Stage Boxes together in almost any configuration, without tools. Stage Boxes' molded handles enable easy carrying and they also nest to minimize storage space. With hollow undersides, they can also be used for transporting props or other items.

Three sizes are available, to correlate with common furniture items and Wenger platforms, including flipFORM® stage platforms: Large (24"x 24"x 18"), Medium (18"x 12" x 16") and Small (16"x 12"x 8"); weights range from 8 to 32 lbs.

Stage Boxes feature a skid-resistant, black texture that resists scratches and never needs painting. Their rubber feet create increased stability on smooth surfaces.

Wenger Corp., based in Minnesota, manufacture more than 300 products for the performing arts and music education. Their suite of products for theatrical environments also includes two makeup stations, mobile costume racks, portable audience chairs and flexible platforms used for rehearsal furniture.

For information about these new products or any of Wenger’s products, call (800) 733-0373. Outside the U.S. call (507) 455-4100.

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