Digital Projection Expands Single-Chip DLP Display Lineup


Digital Projection International (DPI), an Emmy Award-winning manufacturer of high-performance projection systems, recently announced the launch of two new dual-lamp, dual-color wheel, single-chip DLP projectors, the dVision sx+ and dVision HD.

DPI's new 1400 x 1050 native resolution dVision sx+ delivers a maximum brightness of 5,000 ANSI lumens and up to 5000:1 contrast through a selectable, motorized lens aperture.

The product employs Texas Instruments' new Dark Metal III(tm) SXGA+ resolution single-chip DLP technology. The 16 x 9 native aspect ratio dVision HD, specifically designed for a wide variety of home cinema, media and entertainment applications, also delivers a maximum brightness of 5,000 ANSI lumens, and can produce up to 6000:1 contrast ratio through its selectable, motorized lens aperture.

The new dVision projectors can be configured with a variety of high performance fixed and zoom lenses, all of which offer lens shift capability, providing the systems integrator with tremendous installation flexibility. The dVision series also features dual 250W lamps that can be configured to provide up to 8000 hours of use before lamp replacement is required. Other capabilities include motorized lens shift, focus and IRIS adjustment as well as RS232 and LAN connection for remote and advanced systems control. Also standard is the support of an extensive array of video, HD and computer input formats.

"With their combination of incredible brightness, unsurpassed contrast, ultra-long-life lamps, flexible lens options and advanced control features, our new, dual-color wheel dVision displays elevate single-chip DLP capability to a dramatically higher level of performance," said Mike Levi, president of Digital Projection, Inc. "With all of these benefits, we expect the dVision series will be quickly adopted as the projection solution of choice for a wide variety of applications and environments."

By adding the new dVision HD and sx+ to their projector lineup, DPI now offers seven ultra-high-performance projectors in the $12K-$30K MSRP range. These projectors are the iVision sx+, iVision HD-7, the new dVision HD and sx+ and the 3-chip DLP(tm) MERCURY HD, 5000HD and 5000gv.

"Whether one chooses a new dVision, iVision, MERCURY, HIGHlite or our award-winning LIGHTNING Professional series display, our customers can always be confident that, in any venue, they will enjoy the precise imaging experience that is the Digital Projection hallmark and legacy," continued Levi. The dVision sx+ will begin shipping in Q4 2004, while the dVision HD will begin shipping in Q1, 2005. Emmy is a registered trademark of The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. DLP is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments.

About Digital Projection International:

Founded in 1989, Digital Projection International (DPI) has been instrumental in the development and application of Digital Light Processing(tm) technology by Texas Instruments for projection systems. DPI introduced the world's first 3-chip DLP projector in 1997, and has since delivered expert system engineering and world-class customer services, thus maintaining its position as a digital imaging pioneer.

DPI's groundbreaking projection research and development has garnered the admiration of industry professionals around the world. This has included many awards, including two Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. DPI remains the first and only projector manufacturer to win the coveted award.

Today, DPI manufactures and distributes an extensive line of ultra high-performance 3-chip and single-chip DLP(tm) projection systems. These projectors are the reference standard for demanding applications such as large-venue, live-event staging, Fortune 5000, Homeland Security, education, medical and scientific research, command and control, digital cinema, commercial entertainment, religious venues and elite home cinema.

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