Diane Grant Teams Up With Artistic Licence

Diane Grant has teamed up with Artistic Licence (AL) as part of an ongoing business development plan to maximise the potential of its product sales.

“Artistic Licence has a strong footing in the international projects market, and an equally strong presence for its products within mainland Europe,” explains Artistic Licence managing director Wayne Howell. “Within the UK, however, it is viewed primarily as the provider of solutions to a specific set of, mainly DMX orientated, problems.

"Many people do not realize the full extent of our product range, which includes LED fixtures and component parts for OEM, in addition to the well known Art-Net Ethernet products such as Net-Lynx and Data-Lynx. Our intention therefore is to spread the remit of our product range across a wider market, increasing its profile to include those who might not normally seek us out."

Grant will be using her experience and market knowledge to obtain and evaluate feedback from current and potential customers, establishing any areas which could be developed or are of particular value to the end user.

Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Grant will also be assessing the sales functions both within Artistic Licence and as perceived by its customers and dealer network.

“I will be looking at every stage of the process from what happens when the phone rings, through to the performance of the dealer network and sales strategies, with the aim of making recommendations for improvement,” says Grant. “I will then be working alongside the AL team to implement any changes and monitor their success. Artistic Licence has an excellent range of products that more people need to be aware of. They are a great company and I am looking forward to a long and exciting collaboration with them.”

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