The December Issue Of Live Design Is To Dai For

The December Issue Of Live Design Is To Dai For

The December issue of Live Design is now available for free download. In this issue, Stufish and Dragone team up for The Dai Show's design, which is rooted in the structural architecture of the theatre. Take a look at a profile of production designer Bruce Rodgers, NMR Events' turnkey production solution, and South Bend's River Lights. Check out Jeromy Hopgood's new book and the Upper Peninsula Shakespeare Festival. Plus: lighting gear for the holidays, Q&A with Danny Tull, Ola Melzig's LDI 2015 experience, and more.

For iPad and iPhone, download the Live Design app for free from the Apple App Store. Search for Live Design.


For an Android tablet or smartphone, download the app for free from the Google Play Store.

After you download the app, look up the monthly issues of Live Design in your newsstand. 

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