Crosby, Stills, and Nash Back Out With a Bandit Lites System

Long time trio Crosby, Stills, and Nash are once again touring under a Bandit Lites system. Lighting Designer Will Twork is using a plethora of Martin moving lights to create a one of a kind lighting show. Twork says, "Whenever I design a system for an act or job, I take a look at the big picture. In other words, what type of music or event I'm trying to light. In the case of Crosby, Stills, and Nash, it's all about the 1960s--Woodstock Nation. I feel the lights should reflect that. In a word, psychedelic. Lots of in-your-face--literally--lighting. I try to spill light, color, and patterns in the audience's eyes, as well as create a very colorful stage. The nice thing about lighting CSN is the huge variety of moods and styles the band has created musically in the past 30 years of song-writing."

The standout piece of this lighting rig is the custom-made 20'-diameter A-type truss circle. Twork then devised three "rays" emanating from the circle. This look adds more dimensionality to the rig and some unique angles from which to light. Twork says, "The 20' circle upstage center, which includes a custom Rosco RP screen, is my canvas; it can also be used to create swatches of color and different patterns to reflect the music of the band by means of four MAC 250+s. I've also used extended length T-bars on six of the seven upstage MAC 500s (10', 8', and 6') to create some depth."

The tour is set to play throughout the United States through the end of September.

Lighting Designer
Will Twork

Crew Chief
Kent Shafferman

Production Manager
Mason Wilkinson

Tour Manager
Mike Sexton

Sound Image

Equipment List


Martin MAC 250s


Martin MAC 300s


Martin MAC 500s


Martin MAC 600s


PAR-64 6-lamp bars


ETC 72-way 2.4kW digital dimmer


Flying Pig Systems Wholehog II console


Bandit Lites 20-way Custom Motor Controller


Coffing 1-ton motors


20'-diameter A-type truss circle


A-type truss

Photo: Franco Pietoso

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