Congress Ends Week On Positive Note For Live Events Relief Package

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I wanted to provide everyone with some positive news this morning. While the meeting last night did make some progress, no agreement was reached.

However, the Senate is coming back in session next week to continue their work toward a relief package.

They technically finish session at noon today, but they have been called into session next week as well.

It is the hope of both sides of the aisle that they finish this important work for the American people.

There is still no clear word of what language is most like being used in regards to further small business relief.

That news will be distributed as soon as it is known.

It has also been stated that whatever work out is agreed to in regards to Enhanced Unemployment and Eviction Moratorium, those will most likely both be retroactive.

Hopefully, this is a bright spot for everyone in this lengthy journey.

It would be prudent if everyone again send a short, personal e-mail to your Senator reminding them how urgent this is for you and the Live Event Industry that they pass a relief bill with the RESTART language included.

Here is a lengthier update from August 6, and check out a drafted letter for Senators here.

Thank you all for everything you do and take care.


Michael T. Strickland

Chair and Founder

Bandit Lites

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