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The Producers
Perhaps you’ve heard of this little musical from Mel Brooks? The biggest hit in the known universe features wittily retro design by Tony Award winners Robin Wagner (sets), William Ivey Long (costumes), and Peter Kaczorowski (lighting), plus sound by Steve Kennedy, who would also have won a Tony if the voters would wake up and start honoring sound designers. Participating vendors include: Showmotion, Entolo/Scenic Technologies, Hudson Scenic, I. Weiss, Jerard Studio, Fourth Phase, ETC, Martin, High End, Wybron, Costume Armour, AKG, Atlas, Anchor, Cadac, Crest, Crown, Denon, Drawmer, EAW, EV, Ivie Technologies, Kramer Electronics, Meyer, Neumann, Shure, Sennheiser, Sunfire, Tascam, XTA, and Yamaha. David Barbour, Ellen Lampert-Gréaux, Liz French, and David Johnson report.

My Fair Lady
Eliza, Henry, and the gang are back in a National Theatre production directed by Trevor Nunn, which has moved to the West End for an open run. The show's designers are Anthony Ward (sets and costumes) David Hersey (lighting), and Paul Groothuis (sound). Major equipment includes Vari*Lite (VL6 and VL7), DHA (Digital Light Curtain and a new YoYo design), Cadac (main console) Yamaha (02R, 03D, DME32 matrix system), Meyer, EAW, and much more. Mike Mann reports.

Henry V
The most intriguing production of this years Stratford Festival in Ontario is this production of Shakespeare's historical play featuring an intricate use of audio and video projections, designed by Wade Staples and equipment from Yamaha, Sennheiser, Meyer, 360 Systems, Digidesign, JVC, Sanyo, Videonics, and Schertler. Julie Rekai Rickerd reports.

Go West: Three New Theatres

The Lensic Theatre, Santa Fe, NM: Originally one of the nation’s premiere vaudeville theatres, the Lensic in downtown Santa Fe has been reborn as the non-profit Lensic Performing Arts Center. Fisher Dachs served as theatre consultants; Purcell Noppe was the acoustician, while Green Mountain West served as audio-visual consultant. Participating vendors include: ACS, EAW, Tannoy, ETC, Altman, Union Connector, Pro-Tech, and Wenger. Natalie Zmuda reports.

The Roda Theatre at Berkeley Rep: This new, long-awaited 600-seat proscenium theatre is a companion to the Berkeley Rep’s 400-seat thrust and features an elaborate new sound design by Garth Hemphill and lighting by Auerbach + Associates. Participating vendors include Musson Theatrical, ETC, JR Clancy, Rose Brand, Leo's Pro Audio, Meyer Sound, Level Control Systems, Aphex, Emu, Tascam, BSS, BSS, TC Electronics, Lexicon, Intellix, Quam, Atlas, Sennheiser, Clear-Com, and Audio-Technica. Judy Rubin reports.

The Kenneth King Academic and Performing Arts Center, Denver: This grand new space opened last November with multiple performance spaces ranging from a 550-seat theatre to a courtyard theatre with 350 seats and several smaller venues, and serves as home for the performing arts programs at the Community College of Denver, the Metropolitan State College of Denver, and the University of Colorado in Denver. Participating vendors include: SECOA, ETC, Texas Scenic, Smart Stage, Barbizon, Strand, Altman, L&E, Wybron, Union Connector, SSRC, AMX, Crest, ADC, Crown, Rane, and Clear-Com. Ellen Lampert-Gréaux reports.

The lead attraction in the new Ireland "country" at Busch Gardens in Virginia, this ride, designed and built inside an existing building, melds stereoscopic 3-D projection with audio and themed fabrication, and features some of the same participants who brought you the Spider-Man attraction at Universal's Island of Adventure. Vendors include: Electrosonic, JBL, BSS, EV, Doug Fleenor, Panja, NSI, QSC, Fostex, and Stewart Filmscreen. Judy Rubin reports.

Who supplies the sound gear in the UK for West End theatre productions, the tours of the isles, and industrials? From the likes of Autograph and Orbital to companies like Thames Audio, the Sound Company, Wigwam, and Stage Electrics Pro Sound division, designers have options when it’s time to send out the bids. Ellen Lampert-Gréaux takes an inside look at who runs these shops and how they fare in a competitive marketplace.

Meet David Smith, inventor of the controversial Virtual Orchestra.

Jim van Bergen takes a look at XTA’s new DP324.

A look at some new audio gear, including products from Crest, Community, Countryman, Crown, Earthworks, InnovaSon, Neumann, and QSC.
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