Color Kinetics Debuts New Corporate Identity


Color Kinetics Inc. marks its 10th year in business with the debut of a new corporate identity, encapsulating its growth within the lighting industry.

“Color Kinetics has been credited for sparking the beginning of a lighting industry transformation back in 1997, and in many ways our original corporate identity embodied the spirit of defying convention. Since that time, performance and application trends indicate that LED technology is integral to the future of lighting—not a passing fad—and our company’s role and influence have grown in parallel,” says Bill Sims, president and CEO, Color Kinetics. “We’ve proven ourselves a dominant player in an increasingly important category, and this in turn guided the creation of our bold new mark.”

In its first 10 years, Color Kinetics has enabled intelligent LED lighting installations around the globe, including major international landmarks, skyscrapers, TV sets, feature films, hotels, casinos, retail stores, and events. The company has shipped nearly two million LED lighting devices worldwide; sold or licensed its technology to dozens of companies within and beyond the lighting industry; contributed to the creation of industry standards; and worked alongside government agencies to promote the advancement of LED technology. Color Kinetics invented complete, integrated systems for LED lighting that have become a widely adopted standard. By refining its corporate identity to better match its leadership position, Color Kinetics aspires to broader recognition as one of the lighting industry’s foremost businesses from technology to operations.

Color Kinetics’ growth strategy entails a three-pronged approach across lighting system sales, OEM, and licensing with the goal to ultimately touch every application of intelligent LED illumination. “Though intelligent applications comprise a smaller portion of the market today, we believe that the declining costs of control will give rise to a future where all lighting becomes intelligent. If the source is inherently smart and the cost is comparable, there seems little reason for end users to choose ‘on, off, and dim’ when they could have so much more,” said Sims.

Color Kinetics’ new identity embodies the theme of duality—particularly as it relates to the company’s ongoing expansion beyond color into white light markets. While color lighting today accounts for the majority of revenues, since entering the white light market in 2004 the company has introduced next-generation products with optimized LEDs and features; launched a line of simplified replacement lights; and increased its investment in product development to aggressively grow its stake in the market in 2007 and beyond.

To visually express this business direction while preserving the importance of color lighting, the new corporate identity encompasses both color and white, and the word “Color” is de-emphasized in favor of “Kinetics,” conveying market expansion while maintaining the concepts of fluidity and motion for which the company’s lighting systems are known. Additionally, the mark blends literal and figurative by forming the letters “CK” while conjuring the image of light projection.

Please visit for a Q&A with Bill Sims regarding Color Kinetics’ new corporate identity.

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