Children’s Charity Receives Hazer Donation

Darren Puckey is working for Children’s Hospice South West (CHSW), a charity organization in the UK, as a volunteer and he had high hopes of building a miniature smoking passenger train to entertain and delight the children at CHSW. He thought the Antari M1 mobile fogger was the perfect item to help do this and turned to Antari for assistance, stating his idea and need. Antari’s response was even better than he had expected—the company immediately agreed to offer CHSW a brand new M1 mobile fogger, free of charge.

Puckey put the mobile fogger powered by a DC 12V battery inside the chimney of the train and created a marvelous smoking running train effect. He comments, “The small, lightweight, low powered smoke machine from Antari was easily adapted to the unusual requirements of the Little Bridge House Express. The train provides a good deal of amusement for the children at the hospice and the smoke coming from the chimney really is the icing on the cake.” Puckey also notes, “Antari’s response to all my requests for assistance was speedy, polite, and extremely helpful. Thanks from all at the Children’s Hospice South West in North Devon, England.”

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