Brazil Stage Collapse
Screenshot of stage collapse from Rafael Maroni's video

Brazil Stage Collapse Kills DJ

DJ Kaleb Freitas, 30, passed away Sunday, December 17 after sustaining critical head injuries from a stage collapse in Brazil.

Freitas was performing at the fifth annual Atmosphere, an electronic music festival in Esteio, Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre, an event attended by nearly 5,000 people. According to Pollstar, authorities forecast adverse weather warnings for the last day of the festival.

"The forecast for Sunday afternoon was gale-force winds, and torrential rain," Local Civil Defence coordinator Alexandre Camboa told International Business Times

The festival continued, and strong winds blew down overhead rigging, killing Freitas and injuring three others. Mass panic ensued as festivalgoers fled from the open field.

An audience member captured the horrific moments on camera. Please note, this footage may cause distress.

Atmosphere Festival released this statement, translated from Portuguese, on their Facebook page:

We always cherish the security of our audience, following all the processes, reports and authorisations requested by the local authorities.

And to our audience we will keep them informed of all our actions to keep the truth about the facts that have occurred.

We are sorry, we lost a friend, an artist. Our priority is to assist the wounded and their families.

We thank the military brigade and the fire department for all assistance.

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