BPMC Spotlight: Patrick Dierson

Patrick Dierson, performance environment designer from Artfag and Idyll Hands Imagery, will participate in the Broadway Projection Master Classes on Monday, May 19th on the panel session, Effective Use of LEDs.

Dierson is particularly interested in the energy savings achieved via the use of LED as a light source. He wants to contribute to the panel information about “choosing types of LED fixture for proper applications, how to combat their digital nature, and the way they work compared to traditional sources.”

Dierson goes on to explain how LED sources tend to look “very digital in comparison to tungsten or automated lights.” He will discuss the issues associated with these sources and “plenty of tricks to combat these issues,” on the panel. He will site examples of his own work with Live Earth, NFL Special Events, and concert touring, in general.

Joining the panel of designers for the Broadway Projection Master Classes are Bruce Rodgers, Tribe and David I. Taylor, Arup, among others. The schedule includes presentations by leading projection designers as well as technicians who know how to push LED technology to new limits. The day concludes with a networking cocktail party.

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