Biden/Harris Inauguration: Lighting & Production Credits

(Covid-19 Memorial in Washington DC, January 19, 2021)

All eyes were on Washington DC the evening of January 20, 2021 after an emotional inauguration day for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The events surrounding the inauguration started on January 19 with a stunning COVID-19 memorial—a national moment of unity and remembrance in honor of the 400,000 Americans lost due to COVID-19, and closed with a sensation pyro display after a star-studded Celebrating America concert on the 20th.

Live Design promises more extensive coverage but here’s the beginning of a credit and gear list who did what (please send us your info if you were involved in any of the production aspects):

Celebrating America:

Producers: Ricky Kirshner and Glenn Weiss

Pyro Display: Strictly FX (Adam Biscow)

COVID-19 Memorial at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool:

Production Design: Bruce Rodgers and Tribe Inc.

Lighting: Bob Dickinson and Full Flood Inc

Lighting & Scenic Support: PRG

Gear: 400 ETC Source Four Pars in 400 monoliths

Soft Goods: I Weiss

Scenic Fabrication: Daedalus Design & Production

Inauguration Ceremony:

Signage/painting: Joseph Forbes and Scenic Art Studios

Lighting: Field of Flags on The Mall and Pillars Of Light:

Lighting: Chris Lisle:

Production: C3 Presents

Field Of Flags, lighting gear: Bandit Lites

Pillars of Light, Syncrolites* provided by Image Engineering

Info provided by Chris Lisle for the Field Of Flags:

*There are (56) active Syncrolites on site. Each Syncrolite is approximately 8,000 watts – for a total of 448,000 watts of light illuminating the sky

*The Syncrolite beams are visible for about a half of a mile into the air.

*One mile long, the “Field of Flags” takes quite a bit of lighting:

768 x Par 64 fixtures

112 x 8-Light Molefay Fixtures

*The total wattage of the above fixtures to light the Field of Flags is 1,350,400. That is enough illuminance to light the interior of 1,350 standard sized homes.

*112 Elation Professional Paladin fixtures providing light for the 8’ x 12’ state flags that line the pathways.

* 448 Elation Professional Sixpar fixtures used to light the 3’ x 5’ United States flags along the pathways.

*Adding up the above, almost 1,500 lighting fixtures used on the National Mall between the Washington Monument and the Capitol.

*The Field of Flags and pathway lighting requires over eight miles of power cable.

*The Syncrolites used quite a bit of cable as well!:

5400’ of fiber optic cable

5000’ of Syncrolite lamp head cable

2810’ of L21-30 cable

4350’ of DMX Cable

*There were twelve people on the lighting team for this portion of the event.

*All of the above represents six total trucks worth of lighting gear.


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