AV Concepts Adds DiGiCo D1 & D5 Consoles To Arsenal

Back in 2006 AV Concepts made the decision to switch over to a digital mixing platform in order to accomplish the many requirements of its ever-changing production needs. After researching the options available, the company concluded that DiGiCo was the optimum choice for all their needs, adding D1 and D5 consoles to its audio arsenal.

“We felt that we needed to have the versatility of a digital mixing console and DiGiCo was our entry to the digital mixer world,” recalls Mitch Teitelbaum, AV Concepts’ director of sales, Staging. “Its sonic quality compares to the best in analog mixers and effects. After extensive research and questioning of freelance audio engineers we hire, it was apparent that DiGiCo was the best of its class.”

DiGiCo’s durability and small footprint allow for optimum portability no matter what the event or location. “The snake allows for less room and lesser weight when packing the truck for show site,” explains Teitelbaum. “The smaller footprint of the board is also very important due to the fact our events are usually in very crowded hotel ballrooms. Plus, we have the mixer on the road almost constantly and have not had any issues whatsoever.”

AV Concepts has made use of the console’s internal effects and IPCs, much like that of a virtual processing rack, for system delay, vocal processing, and more.

Due to the nature of corporate events and the continual need for countless inputs, Teitelbaum is confident that DiGiCo can handle the challenges posed by each effortlessly—whether it be a Cirque du Soleil theatrical performance or musical shows featuring anything from prominent artists like Billy Joel, a local party band, a 75-person choir or a corporate executive garage band. “We have several high-profile events on the horizon for Boeing and Conservation International, “the latter of which involves a five-hour load-in with multi source video playback, guest speakers, a band, and classical musicians throughout the museum! The DiGiCo allows us to be ready for all things thrown at us.”

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