Atomic Design Introduces Honeycombs At LDI 2006

Atomic Design Inc. announces its newest product, the Honeycomb, introduced at LDI 2006. The Honeycomb was the soft good featured at the Coemar Lighting booth and immediately created huge interest.

The inspiration: A synthesis of tensile structure and cell kite technology. The result: Individual dimensional and collapsible units that can be hung in columns or interconnected to form walls of any shape or size. Its best feature, according to Tom McPhillips, the creative force of Atomic Design, is its versatility. “If you are hanging The Honeycombs in a freestanding environment, they create a very distinct look from every angle. By merely turning the structure ninety degrees the units can look completely different.”

Like many Atomic products, The Honeycomb works well to enhance a broad range of events from corporate to rock-and-roll. “The Honeycomb can be used in almost any setting,” explains Soren West, president of Atomic Design. “The structure works really well with lighting, and depending on the nature of the lighting applications, it can take on innumerable looks.”

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