Altman Launches New Products At Lightfair 2002


Big news at the Altman Lighting booth at Lightfair 2002 in San Francisco, June 3-5, as the company launches a series of new products designed exclusively for the architectural market. These products augment and broaden the company's range of architectural fixtures to date.

A new outdoor, completely weatherproof ellipsoidal will debut, using a 150W CID metal halide lamp. Other features include zoom, glass gobos, color, and gobo rotators. "This is the first one in its class," says Bob Kleigl, who handles marketing for Altman. "It's compact in size, just 23" long, and perfect for cruise ships and theme parks."

Altman will also debut a full series of architectural PAR fixtures with the choice of metal halide or incadescent lamps, and all mounts. "They have a new cosmetic look for permanent installations," notes Kleigl.

Also on the new roster of products is a recessed framing projector with either a 70W metal halide or MR16 lamp. These also have gobo rotators and shutters, and according to Kleigl is the only one on the market to have these features. Current projects for Altman's architectural products include the new upscale McDonald's on 42nd Street in Manhattan. "It should be open by July," says Kleigl. "This is a 100% Altman installation."

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